The studio

MarvinLabs is a small but creative development studio originally based in the French part of Basque Country – more precisely in Biarritz – where nature and quietness can help our creativity.

Projects by MarvinLabs are mainly open-source software released by Vincent but also a few commercial products created in collaboration with great people.

Enough said, just check-out the projects and the team. We hope they'll be useful to you some day!

People at MarvinLabs

Vincent Mimoun-Prat

Freelance developer, Biarritz, France

Vincent lives in Biarritz, France, and is the lead developer of all projects published by MarvinLabs. As a freelancer, he also builds mobile and web apps for his clients. When he is not writing code, Vincent is probably surfing one of the waves in the area.


Thomas Lartaud

Freelance web designer, Lyon, France

Thomas lives in Lyon, France, and has been involved since 2014 on the WP Customer Area project. As a freelance web designer, Thomas creates beautiful stuff for his clients. When he is not sketching, Thomas is probably spending some good time with his friends and people who matter.